Wuxi Petrochemical Component Co.,Ltd. located at Yangtze River Delta with a developed economic, the long-history Grand Canal and beautiful Tai Lake with rich resources, is a modern management and manufacture enterprise integrated with science & research, manufacture, sales and service. Its main products are pressure socket fittings and equipments, pressure vessels for chemical industry, oil refining, thermal power, petroleum & chemistry, metallurgical industry, medical industry, gas industry, chemical fibre and etc. It is the assigned enterprise for spare products by Sinopec, CNPC, China Chemical Engineering Group and National Power. And it is a member of China Steel Association-Pipe & Vessel, technology committee member of National Machinery Industry Ministry Standard committee, net unit of National Quality Technology Supervise Bureau Machinery lndustry's Filling Seal (charge unit of Eastern of China Group), member of Jiangsu Patent Bureau.


The company was established in 1976, and it has fixed assets of 25 million, circulating fund of 14 million, annual sales volume of 50 million through 30 years' developing. The company covers an area of 35000 square meters. Its products are applied to many large enterprises, joint venture and national main engineering project and well sells to USA, Japan, Australia, Sudan, and Algeria etc, receiving customers' good comments and their kindness.


Main products Pressure socket fittings: static gasket, moving gasket, static steel gasket; steel pipe coupling, steel coupling, socket fittings, flange, blind plate, and forged steel fittings, stub end, weldolet, quick coupling, metal soft pipe, and screw end etc. Pressure socket equipments: manhole, sight glass, flame arrestor, filter, silencer, mixer, injector, separator, degasser, compensator, sampler, accessory ofoil tank, air foam producer, and defoamer etc.


Above products include of 3 series, thousands of types and ten thousands of sizes. Pressure vessels: storer, exchanger of thermal pipe, cooler, condenser, oil collector, and buffer etc;The company equipped with tens of precision machine such as vertical lathe, common lathe, radial lathe, saw machine, miller; twenties of forging progress equipments such as press, friction press, air hammer, hydraulic press, high-frequency heating furnace, oil or coal reverberatory heating furnace, electric furnace, heat treatment equipments; tens of cold machine such as plate shear, edge planer, edge folding machine, plate winder, shear machine, sand blaster; thirties of welding machine such as flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, arc air planer, arc welder, argon arc welder, cover arc welder, dryer of electric blast, dryer of welding rod, positional machine of auto welding, electric rolling frame, operational frame of auto welding, assembly platform; tens of energy, hoisting, storage facilities such as diesel generator, hoister, forklift, carrier.


The company also equipped with some inspection and test equipments such as chemical analyzer, metallographic tester, impact tester, lathe of impact sharp sample, ultrasonic thickness tester, spectrocomparator, ball hardness tester, vickers hardness tester, XRT, UT , MT, PT, and hydraulic tester ect.


he company has been awarded as "contract-honoring enterprise", "Star Enterprise", "Advanced Enterprise of science and technology", "AAA credit enterprise", "quality and measurement trustworthy unit" and other honors for several decades, and has 17 product patents


The company has passed GB/T19001-2016/1SO9001:2015 quality system certification and IS010012 measurement certification, issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Administration "Special equipment Manufacturing License"


The company adheres to the purpose of "High Quality, Competitive Price, Punctual Delivery, Satisfied Service" to supply our products of "Dami" and "Xitong" brand. We sincerely hope our customers can give us more effort and support and share of our success and satisfaction.


You are welcome for visiting and directions, and we are willing to cooperate with our users and friend to create brilliant future!

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