Our Mission

Customer satisfaction, employee growth, and social sharing;

Create greater value for customers,
Create more space for employees,
Create greater wealth for society,
Is the driving force of our company


Corporate eternal theme

Persistence and innovation, continuous transcendence, passion and vitality, updating technology, and developing new products are our persistent goals;

Adhering to the principle of independent development of technology, all aiming at the innovation, safety and application of products, and combining the advanced technology with the requirements of users, ensuring the performance and price of products in the market is our eternal pursuit.


Business management

Quality-based, service commitment, management efficiency, innovation and development.

Pursue enterprise standard management and take the road of international integration. Rationalize the arrangement of human resources, modernize scientific research methods and equipment, and scientifically manage technology.

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Address:No. 1776, Qianhu Road, Hudai Town, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

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