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Structure and function of oil tank accessories


2022-04-29 14:23

The main accessories of the oil tank are: ladders, railings, manholes, light-transmitting holes, measuring holes, short oil inlet and outlet pipes, water pipes, sewage holes, fire-fighting cooling spray systems, fire-fighting foam systems, and lighting facilities.
The ladder is set up for the operator to measure and sample oil up and down the oil tank. Most of the oil tanks are in the form of a ladder on the tank wall, and are set up in the form of an escalator with the right hand of the staff when they go down the ladder. In addition, in order to eliminate the static electricity of the human body, the handrail of the escalator is generally not painted at 1m, and the top of the tank and the escalator are made of non-slip steps.
Manholes have formed products, usually 600mm in diameter. The distance from the center of the manhole to the bottom plate is generally 750mm. It is convenient for the staff to enter and exit the oil pipe and ventilation during installation, cleaning and maintenance.
The light-transmitting hole is located on the top of the tank, which is used for lighting and ventilation during the installation and cleaning of the oil tank.
The measuring hole is also called the oil measuring hole, which is set up for measuring the oil level, sampling and temperature measurement. One for each oil tank, the diameter of the measuring hole is 150mm, and it is located near the ladder for easy operation. There is a measuring platform near the measuring hole.
The oil inlet and outlet short pipes are on the bottom ring plate of the tank, and the outer side is connected to the tank root valve on the oil inlet and outlet pipes.
The drain pipe is set up to drain the bottom water of the oil tank. Commonly used drainage pipes include fixed drainage pipes and drainage pipes installed on the sewage cover. The diameter of the drain pipe varies from 50mm, 80mm to 100mm.
The sewage hole is set at the lower part of the light oil tank about 300MM from the ground, and the sludge is discharged from this hole when cleaning the oil tank. The sewage hole with the drain pipe can usually discharge the sewage in the tank through the drain pipe. The drain hole is made of steel pipe with a diameter of 600mm.





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